Thursday, November 27, 2014


We thought it would be easy
We're just fooling around
"It's just sex" , as simple as it sound
We agreed , we shook hands
And decided we're sex friends.

We made rules, laws to follow
No emotions , no feelings no sorrow
No sweet talk or spending nights
kissing , cuddling or pillow fights
just 2 bodies under one sheet
A fusion of sweat and meat
It was all about desire and lust
Something we were sure would last

Day after day he made the call
Every time when the night fall
I did the same i called him too
For a nice bed time out of the blue
What we had was just intense
He filled me with pleasure in every sense
With just one touch he sets me on fire
Expressing through me his burning desire
He made me smile, he made me glow
As the affection between us grow
Until one day came this weird feeling
Filling my heart as i looked to the ceiling

And then everything changed.



تمشي على غير هدى تبحث عن من تحب 
جميلة كطير عدن طوح بقلبها الحب 
فارسها كالسراب يتلاشى كلما تقترب
لاجله تركت الدنيا و في الاحلام صارت تغترب 
تراه في كل رجل يقترب منها او يبتعد 
صفاته مثالية ملأها الحنان و الود 
سئمت طول الانتظار 
سئمت تبحث ليل نهار 
طال عليها الزمن و ذاك حال المغترب 
سرق المجهول قلبها و قلبها اكثر ما تفتقد
تسائل الاقدار عنه علها اثره تجد 
تسائل عنه النجوم، الكواكب و الاقمار
تتحدث عنه للجبال للمرتفعات و الانهار 
هائمة صارت هي في قلبها نار تتقد