Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Expectation and reality

I've always known "this" will end 
You will no longer be my "friend" 
and as time passes and goes by 
We will have to say goodby
You will go in your own way
and i wont even ask you to stay
Just like that you will be gone
and i will be left alone 

 Weeks pass and years rush on 
I'm facing life in my own 
No, you're not by my side 
I've always known deep down inside
What we had was a short ride
Coz you and i , we're not the same 
What we had was a foolish game 
and games quickly become so lame 

Did you get it, now do you see
My expectations are my reality 
That's the thing about me 
I've always known what it will be
The end between you and me 

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